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Jaffa Gate; 

The Western Wall;

The Temple Mount (The Dome of the Rock);

The Lion’s Gate;

Bethesda pool where Jesus healed the crippled man;

The Stations of the Cross in the Via Dolorosa;

The Holy Sepulchre Church

Golgotha – the site of the crucifixion and death;

The tomb of Jesus and the site of the resurrection.

Hurva Synagogue and the Cardo;

Mount Zion;

The Tomb of King David;

The room of the Last supper.

Mount of Olives – The church of Ascension where Jesus was taken up to heaven.

The Promenade/ The lookout to Jerusalem.

The Dominos Flevit – where Jesus wept

Gethsemane – where Jesus was betrayed by Judas.

The City of David – Walk the Canaanite tunnel; or the King Hezekiah tunnel

Siloam Pool – where Jesus healed the blind man.

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