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I’m Sofia Bubod-Avital. I’m a licensed Filipino tour guide here in Israel and I’m working under Quirino Tours, a Filipino tour agency in Israel.

We offer Christian, Pilgrimage, Educational, and Biblical tours etc. for big and small groups.

We offer organized package tours and itineraries at cheap, reasonable price.

We will visit Christian sites; we will walk the footsteps of Jesus; we will visit archaeological and historical sites; Nature and Reserves; Parks and Trails; Museums and Jewish Synagogues; and many more…

We will travel via air conditioned van for small groups; and with an autobus for big groups.

We will use guiding aid; i.e. read verses from the Holy Bible; use pictures, maps, etc.

We will use whisper device with earphones.

We give full assistance and answer your queries. (You can write us in Filipino).

We hope to tour you in your next visit in the Holy Land…


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